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Upgrade to a SATA III Drive

Category: Hardware Published on Wednesday, 01 February 2012

Velocity Solo provides Champagne Speed on a Beer Budget 


Do you have SATA III desires but only an IDE budget?

Do you find yourself drooling over those new, high-speed PCs, but only have lint and a couple of quarters in your pocket?

Fear not! The folks at Apricorn have developed a way for you to upgrade that old PC to take advantage of SATA III, high-speed technology.

The new Velocity Solo ($49) Desktop SSD Upgrade Kit allows users of older PCs to install new 10,000 RPM hard drives or other SATA III or solid state drives (SSD) on their computers. Of course, you still have to purchase the drives.

We popped a Velocity Solo into an empty PCIe slot on an older Hewlett Packard computer and were up and running in about five minutes.

The Solo gives you the option of installing a full-size drive and attaching it using a SATA III cable or slipping a 2.5-inch notebook drive into a slot on the Solo, eliminating the need for a SATA 3 cable.

We installed two 2.5-inch notebook drives --- one was a Seagate 750 GB Momentous XT and the other was a 250 GB drive provided to us by Apricorn for testing purposes --- switching them out and booting the computer from each drive.

Both drives worked perfectly and significantly reduced computer boot time, due to the higher spin rate of SATA III (up to 10,000 RPM) and, because we were now using SSDs, we were able to take advantage of their ability to read data at up to 6 GB/second.

The upgrade kit comes with a SATA III cable and EZ Gig cloning software, which you have to download from Apricorn's website.

The software enables you to choose which programs you want to transfer to the new drive and simplifies the process of creating a new, faster boot drive.

Check out Apricorn's website at for more information on the Velocity Solo and other Apricorn products.

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