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Three Monitors are Better than One

Category: Hardware Published on Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Expand your Video Universe Using a HydraDisplay X3 

Close your eyes. 

Imagine a world where you can triple the size of your computer's display simply by attaching a device to your computer's USB port. 

Then imagine that you can do all of this without needing a Master's degree in technogeek. 

Now, open your eyes and check out the new HydraDisplay X3 from Cirago International Ltd. ($179.99). 

Installation is easy. Just connect the DisplayPort adapter to an USB port and the DisplayPort interface on your computer and attach up to three monitors to DVI ports on the back of the unit. The unit uses the USB connection for power, eliminating the need for another power source. 

Unfortunately there's no way to connect the HydraGisplay to video cards that only have DVI or VGA ports without purchasing an adapter to attach to the cards, but these are fairly inexpensive. 

Once it's hooked up, all you have to do is boot up your computer. There's nothing to tweak and no software to install. 

You can also set up the HydraDisplay for use in several ways: 

n  Cloning, which gives you the same image on all three screens. 

n  Extended Desktop mode, which allows you to expand one image or video display across all three screens. 

n  The Extended Desktop can also be set up to use different functions on each screen. For example, you can use Skype on screen one, Facebook on screen two and run a spreadsheet application on the third screen. 

The HydraDisplay can be used on virtually any Windows system or on Macs running 10.4 or higher operating systems.  It also comes with an adapter to connect to laptops or netbooks that have mini displayport interfaces. 

More information is available on the Cirago website at 


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