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Playstation 2 or the Xbox? Just in time for Christmas

Category: 2001 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Okay. Webmaster Dave has issued the challenge so I guess I must (yawn) -- again -- give Microsoft their due.

The Big Bad Wolf of Redmond (Uncle Bill to those of us that have gotten to know him) is in the COMPUTER business. Sony is in the ELECTRONICS business.

And, although the Playstation 2 is one hell of a machine, its creators can only gape in awe of the raw power of the XBox.

First, let's look at the numbers:

XBox: 733 MHz
PS2: 294.912 MHz

Graphics Processor:
XBox: 233 MHz custom-designed chip, developed by Microsoft and nVidia
PS2: 147.456MHz chip

Total Memory:
XBox: 64MB
PS2: 32MB

Memory Bandwidth:
XBox: 6.4GB/sec
PS2: 3.2 GB/sec

Built in Hard Disk:
XBox: Yes
PS2: No

Audio Channels:
XBox: 256
PS2: 48

3D Audio Support in Hardware: XBox: Yes (64 3D channels)
PS2: No

Dolby® Digital 5.1 Surround Sound in Hardware:
XBox: Yes
PS2: No

Parental Control in Hardware:
XBox: Yes
PS2: No No

The list goes on and on.

As for the games, we can only expect the latest and greatest to be developed for the XBox, since the developers don't have to stay within the constraints of the PS2's limitations for graphics and audio.

Obviously, the best games will come from Microsoft or from developers that are designing games only for the XBox, because it will be easier (and cheaper) for the multiplatform gamemakers to design for the lowest common denominator and then play with the code for each system.

This is clearly evident with Halo and Munch's Odyssey, which blow away anything developed for a gaming system thus far.

Obviously the list of titles available for the XBox are meager when compared with those for the PS2, but isn't that the same scenario Sony faced when they released the first PlayStation to compete with Sega and Nintendo?

It was the superiority of the sound and graphics that made them dominant. And that's what will happen here!


I've seen both.

I've played both.

I like both.

Now if I had to make a choice and only had $300 to spend I'd get the Playstation.

Why? Two words. More games.

Here's a few of my favorites:

Grand Theft Auto 3

Metal Gear Solid 2

Batman Vengeance

Spy Hunter


The graphics on the Playstation are clean, the action is smooth and the sound is good enough for me. Why do I need 256 channels of audio? I'd then need a surround sound system and, while I'm at, it I'd have to throw a few grand at a big screen composite TV. The XBox then beocmes a $5,000 investment instead of a $300 one.

I'm perfectly happy with my 19" Trinitron and Radio Shack cable box. All I need to do now is find the remote.

I tried DOA 3 for the XBox and I didn't see any huge differences between the Playstation version and the XBox version. Is DOA 3 taking full advantage of what the XBox can do? Are all the colors being used? It's the same gosh darn blasted thing with Batman Vengeance.

These games are not being developed up to the machine's full potential and that's a fact Jack! Mike!. I'm willing to bet dollars to donuts that an XBox version of a PC game will play exactly the same way, with the same number of colors and the same number of audio channels being used.

While it may be easy for developers to develop for the XBox and the PC, in reality they won't have to make any changes. If they do, great. But I think those that believe this'll happen are a bit too optimistic.

When I see an XBox game that blows away the competition, I'll go out and buy it (or maybe my father will surprise me and buy me one. Afterall I do this website stuff for free *winkwink*)..

Sony has also been in the gaming business for quite some time and they're still around. What happened to Sega? They folded. Nintendo? Now a kid's toy. Sony is the Microsoft of gaming systems.

Let Microsoft stick to what they're good at -- making buggy software that keeps guys like me in business.

Lastly, an XBox is just a trimmed down computer. I'm perfectly happy with the computer I have. All I have to do in order to make my computer work like an XBox is:

Install Windows 2000

Pop in an NVidia 3 graphics card

Take out my extra 40gb hard drive

Downgrade my 1.2ghz processor to a 733

Find these games made for the computer.

And guess what? I can do more with a computer!

Bah humbug.

The choice is clear. Hello Playstation, good-bye XBox!

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