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Just how accurate are online polls?

Category: 2002 Published on Wednesday, 18 March 2009
Mike Berman
Dave Berman

Okay, frizzy dome -- the gloves are off!

Obviously, we all know who the more popular person is, although I admit I DID say I wouldn't post a new poll until I won. And I solicited votes through the GeekLetter (our exclusive newsletter). But it's clear that the people of the world have spoken and have left you groveling in the dust!

Polls -- online or otherwise -- are intended to show a sampling of public opinion. And, although they can be skewed to get a particular result through the types of questions being asked, most are a pretty honest sampling of what folks think.

Of course you need a much bigger sampling than 26 people. And you can tell a lot about the public's perceptions about issues when they are conducted properly.

Actually 38 visitors to our site cast votes -- 11 of them believing that my frazzle-brained offspring looks like Richard Simmons and another one saying he didn't trust either of us. This is, of course is only a small percentage of the hundreds of visitors the site attracts every day. Obviously the results would heve been more believable --- and I would have won by a much bigger margin --- if everyone that visited had voted (which also explains Dumbass Dave's early lead).

But I digress.

Sore losers aside, the honesty of an online poll basically reflects its author. Ours are intended to give us some insight into the types of visitors we get and what their interests are. Obviously, from the latest results, they're extremely intelligent!

- Marvelous Mike
Winner and Undisputed Champion

Just how accurate are online polls?

I can tell you from experience that they're not very accurate at all.

Would you believe that Curly Joe beat me in a Berman vs. Berman poll? It was a question of who's more popular and Mighty Mike beat me out 14 to 12.

He did it by cheating. He must have cheated. There's no way in heck he'd ever win in a popularity contest over me. I'm smarter, wittier, more charming and I'm a better golfer. He smells funny and farts all the time. I moved out because of it. He bought a dog just so he could blame someone else. I'm not sure what possessed mom to marry him. No hair is bad enough, but farting? That's where I'd draw the line if I were married to him. I'm his son and I want a divorce. I'm sure all of you dedicated readers feel the same way. Dave is cool and Mike stinks.

Now lets get back on topic -- online polls. It's clear to me that online polls of any kind aren't accurate. When they first came onto the scene, people would be allowed to vote multiple times and there would be no checks against this. Nowadays there are checks to see if you've already voted by looking at the IP address. This doesn't dissuade the clever computer user from using multiple computers or dialing in through several dialup services. Nor does it stop someone from begging and pleading with friends and family in order to gain a vote or several. Sound familiar Mike? DOES IT!?!!?!? DOES IT!??!? DOES IT!?!?!

Did you cheat!!?!? DID YOU!?!!?!? DID YOU!!??!?

You don't need to answer. I know the answer. The millions and millions of my fans know the answer. You know the answer and will have to live with yourself knowing that you cheated. CHEATED CHEATED CHEATED CHEATED!!!

You may have won this time, but at least I don't smell funny. And while slinging insults never helped anyone, it brings a smile to my face. Baldy.

- Webmaster Dave

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